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Starting your online pressence or business can be a bit confusing. Here are the basic steps to get started with Platzer Media. 1. Create an account, no payment or credit card required. Just click the image below to set up your account. Tip: use keychain or a similar password application. We take security seriously.



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2. Register a domain that works for you or your brand. Today there's plenty of alternatives to .COM. We have hundreds of new Generic Top Level Domains (GTLD). Our search engine will give you plenty of suggestions. Click the image below to search for your domain name on the home page.

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3. Now that you have regiesterd your new domain you can login to your new account at and manage your account, set up free hosting, free email forwarding accounts using your own domain, free website builder and photo album.

Note; these free accounts may very well be adequate for what you need, but they are not ment to handle full blown enterprise platforms. They will however help you get your feet wet in cyber space. If you are about to give Amazon, Google or Alibaba a run for their money contact us HERE

Our Internet media support is open 24/7 every day at +1-480-624-2500 for USA, Canada and Mexico. In other countries your best number to dial is displayed on the top right of the home page. Phone support is available in Spanish and English.


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